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According to the dolls house 'experts' from the website 'Dolls Houses past and present', it was suggested that this antique dolls house was most likely built from Handicraft plans by an amateur woodworker around the 1920s/30s. The house has an entrance hall, sitting room, kitchen, landing, bedroom and bathroom. I have hand painted the wallpapers and floor in the Sitting Room, Bedroom and Bathroom. 

I will be selling the house with its furniture. I have carefully selected items that are the correct scale and create an attractive and 'usable' interior. Nearly all of the furniture has been handmade by a skilled dolls house furniture maker. I have hand painted each item and finished them with a protective wax for longevity. It is important to mention that the furniture is delicate and not suitable for small children.  

Items of furniture included are listed below:

·       Sofa

·       Rush chair

·       Dresser

·       Blanket box

·       Bed

·       Bedside table

·       Wardrobe

·       Round table

·       Kitchen sink unit

·       Kitchen dresser

·       Shelving unit

·       Bath

·       Loo

·       Vanity unit

·       Wall cabinet

·       Hall bench

Please note the dolls house accessories are not included, however can be commissioned separately - please get in touch to discuss. 

This house is very close to my heart and combines my two passions - painting and interior design. Each item has been carefully curated to complement and enhance the house.  It is completely unique and very much designed as an heirloom of the future. 

£3495.00 (plus delivery which will be quoted for separately) 

If you would like to purchase this house please kindly contact me through 

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